Caldrea Laundry Package
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Caldrea Laundry Package

Includes liquid detergent, liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets.

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Product Information

Includes liquid detergent which requires only a small amount of hard working stain remover with essential oils for a long lasting freshness, liquid fabric softener that will leave your clothes extra soft, fresh and static free, and dryer sheets for an extra touch of fragrance and static guard.


Fragrance No. 14:
Basil Blue Sage
Made with Essential Oils of Basil, Blue Sage, and Rosemary

Fragrance No. 17:
Sea Salt Neroli
Sea Salt Neroli is inspired by bright clear mornings at the shore. A fresh watery fragrance made with essential oils of lemon and neroli.

Fragrance No. 21:
Rosewater Driftwood
Rosewood Driftwood sun-washed and light, this balances clean watery florals like gardenia and lily of the valley with the mystery of musk, grounded in the white woods.

Fragrance No. 23:
Pear Blossom Agave
Pear Blossom Agave a sunny succulent blend of pear blossom and agave with notes of french melon and citrus. This balanced fragrance of new growth and ripe fruit inspires.

Fragrance No. 15:
Ginger Pomelo
Made with Essential Oils of Ginger and Grapefruit and Pomelo Fragrance

Fragrance No. 01:
Lavender Pine
Made with Essential Oils of Lavender, Pine-Needle, and Cedarwood


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