Yellow Vase Aroma Decor Diffuser
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Yellow Vase Aroma Decor Diffuser

Combine classic fragrances and add a touch of beauty to any room
Includes one FREE Diffuser OIL

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Product Information

Aroma Decor Fragrance Diffusers will add a touch of beauty to any room. They combine classic Greenleaf fragrance with home decor. No crowns or perfume shaped bottles in this collection, only beautifully designed ceramic diffusers.

Each diffuser comes with a FREE diffuser oil.

An Aroma Decor Fragrance Diffuser will eliminate bad odors as it purifies the air using a process called catalytic oxidation. The stone when in use, will reach very high temperatures. It is with these high temperatures that catalytic oxidation takes place in the stone. This reaction in the stone will purify and destroy unwanted odors in the air. This method of cleansing the air dates back to the 1800's where it was originally used in hospitals.

You will benefit from the purifying aspect of diffusers and simultaneously enjoy classic fragrances from Greenleaf.

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