Caldrea All Purpose Cleaner
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Caldrea All Purpose Cleaner
Caldrea All Purpose Cleaner

Special concentrated formula of natural essential oils and cleaning agents to mix your own general cleaning solution.

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Product Information

Caldrea All Purpose Cleaner comes in several fagrances.  This fragrant and hard-working cleanser contains essential oils, plant-derived ingredients, and natural birch bark extract, nature’s best degreaser.

All finished surfaces such as walls, woodwork, tile, laminate, porcelain, fixtures, sealed wood floors, and sealed natural or synthetic stone.

Mix ¼ cup with one gallon of warm water. For tough jobs, allow cleanser to sit a few minutes, then rinse. Also works as a countertop spray refill – just take your empty spray bottle, pour in 2 tablespoons all-purpose cleanser and add warm water.


32 fluid ounces



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